How do I join/renew in the fan club?

Go to www.clayaiken.com and click on the "Store" link. Select "Fan Club" and you will be directed to your purchase. There is no need to select "new membership" or "renewal" - they are processed the same way an both receive the same perks. If you are renewing, one year will be added on to your membership.

What do I receive as a Clay Aiken fan club member?

We offer two different memberships options- online only membership, and the Ultimate fan club membership. Ultimate membership customers receive a package in the mail. The package changes from year to year, but currently contains a recycled eco-friendly grocery tote, keychain, and mousepad. The biggest benefits are found online. Contests, exclusive online content, M&G opportunities, and much more are offered to members of The Clay Aiken Fan Club.

I have a new email and/or new physical address. How can I update my information?

You can update your information right in your account. Just click "Manage Account" at the top of the page, and then click "manage account" again by your username on the left.

Why am I not receiving emails from The Clay Aiken Fan Club?

Check the email address in your profile to make sure it is correct. You can do this by going to the "Manage Account" link at the top of the website page. If any information is incorrect, let us know at support@groundctrl.com so you won't miss anything! Also frequently check your junk mailbox and spam box as some spam filters will disallow mail from sources not on your approved list.

How can I get a meet & greet with Clay?

The only meet & greets being offered through the fan club can be found in the contest area. For each show on Clay's tour, fans can enter for one (1) meet & greet pass. You can only win one M&G contest per tour.

Will my personal information be shared or made public to anyone else?

No. We respect your privacy, and any information you enter in your profile or when purchasing Clay merchandise is never given or sold to any other parties. You may always opt out of receiving Clay emails by contacting ground(ctrl) at support@groundctrl.com.

What are points for and how can I earn them?

Points are awarded to users based on activity on the site. The current set up is the following:

  • Post a comment, Value: 1 pts
  • Post a blog, Value: 10 pts
  • Signup, Value: 1pts
  • Be a member for 5 days, Value: 50pts
  • Be a member for a month, Value: 100pts
  • Be a member for a year, Value: 500pts
  • Have 5 friends, Value: 50pts
  • Have 15 friends, Value 100pts
  • Have 50 friends, 500pts

You can also earn points by completing campaigns in the Campaigns section of the website.

You can view your points history by clicking on your points total in the dashboard, or on your profile.

In the near future items will be made available for purchase with these points. Some of these items could be physical, or digital.

When you spend points your visible total will remain the same (as other users see it), but your available points to spend will decrease. You can view your spending history on the same pages mentioned above.

I heard there is a Clay Aiken show in my area, but it's not on the site tour schedule?

Sometimes shows are scheduled, but not confirmed. There are many details that go into scheduling Clay's concerts and we have found that radio stations or fans will spread the word that he's coming when it has not been confirmed by his promoters and booking agency. As soon as dates and locations are confirmed they are posted on the tour section of the website. Until that happens, it cannot be officially announced.

How can I find out when my fan club membership expires?

Your expiration date can be found in your profile. This can be found by going to the "Manage Account" link at the top of the website page. While you're there, make sure all of your information is accurate and up-to-date!

How often can I win contests?

You can only win one M&G contest per tour. You can win any other type of contest once per membership period.

Still have questions?

For website questions...support@groundctrl.com